Oscar Ma (he/him)
Multidisciplinary Problem Solver & Storyteller
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Hi, I am a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary creative, focusing on narrative driven experience design. I wear many hats, both literally and figuratively. I approach complex problems and creative opportunities strategically while utilizing my diverse creative background which include interactive experiences, exhibition design, product design, web, linear media, advertising, + more. The magic lies in the details, and many opportunities hide in the unconsidered moments. I challenge myself and fellow collaborators to interrogate behaviors and systems we take for granted, to create truly impactful work. I am currently creating spaces and experiences for brands at Wasserman.

School of Visual Arts (Professor)
Technology Humans and Taste
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Arnold Worldwide
Momentum Worldwide


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Studio Website
Potion Design

A strategically fresh approach to a design studio website, designed for an optimized experience for both experienced and non-experienced buyers (clients). This website redesign was preceded by an internal brand refresh that I also lead. The outcome was a new studio positioning of Purpose-Driven Experience. Every design decision for the website was made through the lens to help the user unearth purpose and influence a constructive conversation with the studio.
Design Director / Strategy Lead / Copywriter

Created at Potion in collaboration with Phillip Tiongson, Myles Bryan, Ziwei Ji, Hector Rivera, Cynthia Bryan, Alley Boatenreiter, PXLP.