Oscar Ma (he/him)
Multidisciplinary Problem Solver & Storyteller
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Hi, I am a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary creative, focusing on narrative driven experience design. I wear many hats, both literally and figuratively. I approach complex problems and creative opportunities strategically while utilizing my diverse creative background which include interactive experiences, exhibition design, product design, web, linear media, advertising, + more. The magic lies in the details, and many opportunities hide in the unconsidered moments. I challenge myself and fellow collaborators to interrogate behaviors and systems we take for granted, to create truly impactful work. I am currently creating spaces and experiences for brands at Wasserman.

School of Visual Arts (Professor)
Technology Humans and Taste
Local Projects
Arnold Worldwide
Momentum Worldwide


Listening to
Frida Kahlo Pocket Gallery
Immersive Frida Kahlo

A touring physical art exhibit infused with an interactive web AR experience that brings Frida's dominant gaze, and the surreal environmental elements that populate her world to life. As people move around and explore each unique painting they are followed by Frida's gaze, creating a thought provoking connection between artist and the viewer.
Creative Lead + Design Direction

Created at Technology Humans and Taste in collaboration with Nathan Phillips, Dave Kalvert, Bobby Fata, Kendall Konenkamp, Jenny Pachucki,Taylor Milana, Christine Austin, Tan Hamilton, and in partnership with Continuum XR: Michael Murdock, Austin Donnelly, Shane Hunt, Spencer Cook, Declan Johnson.
Scan QR code with your mobile device, and point your camera at the markers below to demo the experience.