Oscar Ma (he/him)
Multidisciplinary Problem Solver & Storyteller
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Hi, I am a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary creative, focusing on narrative driven experience design. I wear many hats, both literally and figuratively. I approach complex problems and creative opportunities strategically while utilizing my diverse creative background which include interactive experiences, exhibition design, product design, web, linear media, advertising, + more. The magic lies in the details, and many opportunities hide in the unconsidered moments. I challenge myself and fellow collaborators to interrogate behaviors and systems we take for granted, to create truly impactful work. I am currently creating spaces and experiences for brands at Wasserman.

School of Visual Arts (Professor)
Technology Humans and Taste
Local Projects
Arnold Worldwide
Momentum Worldwide


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The Faith and Liberty Discover Center
The Faith and Liberty Initiative

The Faith and Liberty Discovery Center invites visitors of all backgrounds to discover the relationship and role of faith and liberty in fostering core American values, and to discover what these values mean for themselves. FLDC is a unique immersive experience that reinvents how traditional educational/cultural spaces function. It is heavily driven by media and interactive programs, which creates engaging experiences inspiring all visitors.

Dezeen Design Awards 2021
Art Director & Design Lead

Created at Local Projects in collaboration with Jake Barton, Christopher Fung, Myles Bryan, Jorge Velez, Avi Grayson, Ben Snell, McKenna Cole, Karen Vanderbilt, Olivia Crosby, Harry Borelli, Robert Vinci, Delia Denson, Aleen Kim, Adrian Castineira, Emily Schmitz, Dasul Kim, Crystal Law, Nate Buchik, Jenny Pachuki, Michael Cafarelli, Christina Latina, Duy Pham, and in partnership with LoyalKaspar, Tru Films, Remote Control, Hadley Exhibits INC.
The key narrative of the Discovery Center is told through six galleries: Welcome, Faith, Liberty, Justice, Hope, and Unity. After the galleries visitors enter Liberty's Light, an immersive/interactive blockbuster experience inside a 300º fully projection mapped room.