Oscar Ma (he/him)
Multidisciplinary Problem Solver & Storyteller
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Hi, I am a Brooklyn based multidisciplinary creative, focusing on narrative driven experience design. I wear many hats, both literally and figuratively. I approach complex problems and creative opportunities strategically while utilizing my diverse creative background which include interactive experiences, exhibition design, product design, web, linear media, advertising, + more. The magic lies in the details, and many opportunities hide in the unconsidered moments. I challenge myself and fellow collaborators to interrogate behaviors and systems we take for granted, to create truly impactful work. I am currently creating spaces and experiences for brands at Wasserman.

School of Visual Arts (Professor)
Technology Humans and Taste
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The Looking Glass
Community Wine and Spirits

A unique interactive retail installation that fully immerses people into a wine region and allows them to freely explore environments, connecting them to the worlds that their beloved products come from. The interactive is completely driven by user movement, voiding the need for any touchscreens or physical controllers, creating a truly immersive experience. It is built in Unity and powered by Google AI Blaze Pose tracking.
Design Director

Created at Potion Design in collaboration with Myles Bryan, Ziwei Ji, Kristine Lin, Alley Boatenreiter, Nikolai Soudek, Josh Knowles, Ritesh Lala, Jonathan Podwill, David Weitzenhoffer, Nicholas Knight, Will Farley , Ben Bohen, Kasia Rejzerewiscz.
At the core of this interactive is the Wine Gradient. This innovative system takes wine science and creates a new visual tool for people to identify and find wine. The horizontal axis covers the different colors of wine from white, champagne, minimal intervention (orange), rose, and red. The vertical axis is organized by weight. Since the weight of wine affects many of its qualities, this visual tool allows people to better explore wines based on similarity of qualities.
All environments for the Looking Glass are original photographs taken on-location and split into multiple layers to create parallax movement for an enhanced immersive exploration.